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I have copied and pasted my lj entry here for no particular reason other than to get rid of my silly Ressurection! entry from ages past.


Unfortunately, I did not dress up as anything yesterday so I applaud all of you who did. I particularly enjoyed Kalan's "Nudist on Strike" sign and Miguel's um, box, which I found slightly bewildering but funny all the same.

I almost felt the halloween spirit yesternight, almost, even if I didn't get to dress goth with the "I'm a vampire" excuse like Heather suggested and go trick or treating because trick-or-treating in this country is utterly LAME and involves non-dressed-up squatter kids meandering about with the masses from house to house at one o clock in the afternoon hoping to snag free candy. I don't blame the kids. Candy is good and they starve. But the whole vision is just too depressing to induce halloween spirit.

We did brave an empty, rundown "haunted" house though. We, as in everyone who went over to Miguel's place. The "haunted" house reeked of "dead bodies" (several of us suggested with fearful hope) and was creepy while we were in there. There were footprints on the walls and broken shutters, which was satisfying and greatly enhanced the effect. Everybody screamed in earnest at least once.

That was the only halloweeny thing that happened yesterday. The rest of the night was spent doing some intense bathroom-bonding with Ali and Lena, and chilling in Miguel's room. In the process I discovered the exciting complexities of other people's lives and how much of a life I don't have. It was tragically enlightening. T'was a fun night, all in all.

This house is making me feel claustrophobic again.
I have not died.

Since my most recent update about a year ago, nothing really has changed, except the occassional comment once in a blue moon, and the slightly more frequent faves and devwatches. I'd just like to remind you all that I haven't died, I'm still here, I still appreciate all comments, and would *like* you to leave a comment or constructive criticism when you visit.

Summer is here alas, so I have alot more free time to draw, so I'll hopefully be updating more frequently.

Now comes the inevitable time of summer where a rather discomforting fact that has been rather determinedly shoved away could escape my attention no longer : school starts in two days. And so right now I am feeling a little wistful, a little anxious, almost regretful that I have not utilized my summer into doing something that would constitute the smallest amount of productivity.

Of course, I've sashayed through artistic sprees, photoshop sprees, writing sprees, poetic sprees, Anne-Ricean vampire sprees, glompable anime guy sprees, Sirius and Draco sprees... ah yes, and who could forget the long talks I have with :iconkial: on the phone wherein we talk ages for god knows what, dissect a topic down to its bloody bowels, and then leave it to wither up and die, promptly attacking another misfortunate subject... and had any outsider been listening, they would have heard snatches of "toast the munchkin to black ashes", "badger-song torture", and "OH! I get it, you're talking about the BROWNIE thing" which would not make a smidgen of sense to them, but all the sense in the world to professional ears. XD

Those things, I suppose, amongst other things, have compensated nicely for my lack of enthusiasm for well, other things.

But tis a double-edged sword, a two-sided coin. Onto the side where I have left unpolished for so long.

I'm only *halfway* through Zero, A Biography of a Dangerous Idea, the "mandatory" reading assignment given by my maths teacher, and as opposed to my plan of completing 4 SAT simulation tests, I've only completed *one*, and I did each section at random intervals too, which doesn't really count. AND I was supposed to have gone all the way through differentiation and integration for my next year's Higher Level maths course, BUT I've only gotten not-even halfway through Differentiation. And here I am, faced with an entire junior year ahead of me. I am, quite frankly, how to say... freaked out.
I love watching people. Yesterday, my dad and I went to Greenbelt to watch Spiderman and eat at Bubba Gump. Mother-dear is in China now so we had some father-daughter bonding. Well, close to it.

Then I noticed how long I haven't been out amongst a group of random, interesting strangers. It was almost funny how I'd look at one person or a group of people for the longest time and just sort of observe the way they move, talk, their expressions. I was positively overwhelmed by humanity! There's the brooding, morbid, metallic-music-lover standing by the fountain, ears well-covered by oversized headphones, listening to someone screaming over ten billion bass guitars at volume 9 which would have initiated more than a flinch from any other mortal. And there's the overweight couple of assumed newly-weds squashed together lovingly on one fastfood swiveling seat to the point of breaking, while expending all their excess energy into devouring or rather, ferociously licking a large vanilla ice cream cone. I swear I'm not making this up. I was walking along the food court while I saw this comical scene and oh if only I had a camera. I couldn't stop staring and I think I broke out into a grin and walked a little faster. And then you have the more typical sort of people you see around here. An old yet tall and muscular foreign man linking arms with a petite local filipina whose head of dyed hair is far yellower than that of the man's and who looks young enough to be his daughter. Then there's the bald-headed Filipino hip-hop dude dressed in some large blue jersey of some basketball team with the characteristic silver "bling bling" hung on his neck and a red cap fixed at a ludicrous angle atop his head, with an equally hip-hoppish chick at his side, and need I describe the details of the girl's clothing? I think not. Then there're the sort of people who I can't really seem to attribute personalities to. There was this scrawny yet very good-looking guy next to our table at Bubba Gump who wore a tight yellow shirt (which made me assume he was gay) and had the most delicate, pretty features I've ever seen on a guy. And then as we walked past the second floor of Greenbelt 3, there was this tall foreign boy with a mass of dusty blonde curls and a very straight nose, who caught my attention immediately, you know, in my current obsession with curly-haired guys and all. I immediately decided what an excellent vampire he'd make. Where that thought came from I don't know, only I've been reading way too much Anne Rice.

Sigh, it's all very interesting though, I could go on forever. Who'd've thought the Philippines contained so much interesting people? But then agian, my fascination could derive from my prolonged state of living trapped in a very large and very empty house in the middle of forbes, with only my Anne Rice books to content myself. *sigh*

That's right. Other times I probably wouldn't have given a damn. But I like to think there's a bit of a humanitarian in me.


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:iconkial: - Eternal Comrade, yes ma'am indeed! Gimme 5.


Clubses: :star:

I realize I don't need a list of stalkers because over half the people on there have forgotten about me. T-T

I NEED TO JOIN MORE CLUBS. Recommendations. Puh-leeze.
I'VE GOT 1000 HITS! *resists the urge to add a gazillion more exclamation points*

Thanks :iconsatek: for reminding me. ^_^


Charquill Bows Down To: :star:

Friends, Online/Offline, More or Less, and Great Artists: :star:
:iconkial: - Eternal Comrade, yes ma'am indeed! Gimme 5.


Clubses: :star:

I realize I don't need a list of stalkers because over half the people on there have forgotten about me. T-T

I NEED TO JOIN MORE CLUBS. Recommendations. Puh-leeze.
I thought, now that I'm in not one but *two* clubs, it would be enough to make the little worship/friend/club quilt so many people have that constitutes to having a *complete* DA page. xD

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Look, I'm in a club.

The only club I've joined and accepted me. So far.

I'm not even going to begin complaining about how this past portion of my summer has been chicken shit. What's there to complain about when you were expecting it all along? But then I guess I was kind of expecting/hoping that it'd take an unexpected twist and then perhaps spiral down to something actually worth waking up for.

Onto greener grass.

You know, I've noticed that the words "quite" and "random" (whether it's used as an adjective or verb) are becoming very popular. Especially with people who use in every other bloody sentence they say. "She is quite the random.", "I just randomly decided to..."... Do you realize how absolutely aggravating it is to have people use those two beautiful words entirely out of context? You don't need to incorporate the word "random" within every perfectly normal thing you do because guess what, by doing so, the meaning from the word itself is lost. And that's just sad when people overuse a word and then the meaning of the word itself is forgotten. If you think it adds a dose of cleverness to your otherwise inane speech, you can go stick pencils up your nose till it bleeds, it'll make you seem far more interesting.

I myself absolutely adore words like "quite" and "rather" and if you're like me, and can somehow use those words with the appropriate amount of flair and reason, and at the right context, then don't take offense to the above post. I've been meaning to rant about that for some time now and since I'm in a generally bitchy mood right now at 8:30 a.m. after having a very turbulent sleep, I thought I'd update with something nasty but true.
School's out. Summer's here. And over summer, I'm going to fully utilize half my time discovering a new meaning to the words spacing out.

And as for theo ther half of the time, I'm going to draw. And draw. And teach myself how to better use photoshop. ><

To motivate me a little (and to motivate y'all to come visit me gallery), I'm going to allow a request from whichever lucky *ahem* individual lands on page visit 777. And if it's myself, erm, then, I'll see. I DO realize this will be completely insane since I get a visit from a new member, what, once in three months.... but hopefully, um. Yeah. hopefully.

So yeah. Whoever reaches the 777th visit, EMAIL ME or leave a comment with a request. Maximum two characters. =) Fenkye!

*sits down*



*wind blows*

*rain falls*

*wind blows again*

Okay. I'ts not working. '='
I'm so so so so so so so so so bored.

And I have nothing more to say.

Oh yes.

My style changed, if you haven't noticed. I like it better now. The noses at least.

is the equivocal dance along a knife's edge.

Now there's the most beautiful quote I have ever made up. Arguable, the only one.

is the equivocal dance along a knife's edge.

Now that's the most brilliant quote I've ever made up. Arguable, the only one.
It's amazing how one can be immensely bored less than a week from final exams, and STILL manage to procrastinate from studying.